History of the Castle
of Valmousse

The Valmousse grounds were placed under the jurisdiction of the Barben Lords, until Louis XIV, by way of letters dated on the 9th of may 1703, and bearing Colbert's signature next to the King's, promoted them to the rank of "Seigneurie" as a favour to the Marquis Balthazar de Bezieux, President of Chamber in the Provence Parliament. The latter had the Castle of Valmousse built in 1704.

The last Lord of Valmousse died in 1774 with no heir. The Domain, after having lived through the revolutionnary period in the hands of several owners, fell to the lot of Hughes Paul du Queylar, correspondent at the "Institut de France", in the early XIXth century.

His son Paulin, was very close to the Aixois painter Granet. Like him, student of the famous David, Paulin du Queylar signed a "Flight to Egypt" which is seen over the alter in the chapel. Two frescos signed by Villevieille, probably one of Granet's last students, can also be found there. The murals in the main entrance are attributed to Granet, who often stayed in the Castle.

In 1875 Valmousse Estate was bought by Francois Rivoire, president of the Marseille's Business Court. The current owners acquired the property from his descendants in 2000, and have undertaken large expansion and restoration works